For international students

As foreign students learn at Osaka University, it is common to encounter problems in school and daily life. We provide assistance to prevent issues arising from differences in lifestyle, language, and other areas from interfering with the pursuit of foreign students’ educational goals.

(For International Students)
When you are temporary leaving Japan, please submit the document, “ryugakusei ichujikikoku-shukkoku todoke (Notification of temporary leave of Japan)” to Student Affairs Office and also enter your travel information into Oversea Travel Registration System.

Tutor system

The Office of International Exchange (OIE) provides assistance to currently enrolled international students in the Graduate School of Human Sciences / School of Human Sciences with a tutoring system in the spring and fall semesters. Difficulty in adjusting to life abroad and differences in language and lifestyle can lead to stress. Daily living tutors, OUSSEP tutors, short-term study abroad program tutors, and dissertation tutors can be provided for up to one year. We will find appropriate Japanese students or international students who can serve as tutors, so please feel free to stop by the Office of International Exchange (OIE) for your tutoring needs.

Scholarships, financial aid, and tuition waivers

We can provide information on a variety of scholarships, financial aid, and tuition waivers:

Some scholarship information is highlighted on the Office of International Exchange’s “What’s New” web page.

Paperwork assistance

The Office of International Exchange (OIE) provides advice and support regarding various paperwork (forms, applications, etc.) that foreign students need to fill out and turn in during the course of their studies at the university. Please feel free to stop by the OIE office whenever you need assistance.

Teaching staff office hours

The office hours for teaching staff at the Graduate School of Human Sciences / School of Human Sciences can be viewed here.

*Office hours are times set aside by teaching staff for class-related questions/consultation with students. Students can visit the office of teaching staff during these posted hours without reservations or prior notice.

Daily life information

There are many opportunities to encounter difficulties in daily life in Japan which can be very different from one’s own home country. You can find information resources regarding life in Japan (legal forms, various paperwork procedures, medical, Japanese language programs, housing, daily life, visas, medical interpretation, etc.) on the support office’s web site.

The Office of International Exchange (OIE) provides consultation for a wide range of daily life matters. Please feel free to stop by the OIE office before problems occur for consultation.

Career guidance and internships

Career guidance (classes, seminars, etc.) is carried out on all 3 campuses of Osaka University. In addition to job search classes for international students, many classes and seminars given in Japanese can provide useful information:

The Student Support Office provides counseling and help with conflict resolution regarding student life matters, academic and career guidance, and setting up internships.


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