There are many books and publications useful for international students and students considering study abroad available in the Office of International Exchange. A number of publications are in English. Many are available for loan (2-week period) so please stop by the Office of International Exchange if you are interested.



  • English-English dictionaries
  • English-Japanese dictionaries
  • Japanese-English dictionaries
  • Kanji dictionaries
  • Japan-related dictionaries (culture, history, encyclopedia)

Daily life, sightseeing related

  • Maps (world, Japan, Osaka, Hyogo Prefecture)
  • Lonely Planet
  • Trad Japan(DVD)

Language study related

  • TOEFL (including CD with learning materials)
  • IELTS (including CD with learning materials)
  • TOEIC (including CD with learning materials)

Study related

  • How to write reports and academic papers
  • How to write essays
  • Collection of English expressions, writing tool
  • Research plans

Other books

  • Kanji(Chinese characters)
  • Kotowaza(Japanese proverbs)
  • Yojijukugo(Japanese four-letter compounds)



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