For studying at Human Sciences

The Office of International Exchange provides information and consultation for people considering study at the School / Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University.

Inter-Faculty Exchange Program

Faculty / Researchers directory

Information about Osaka University faculty and researchers

Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program (School of Human Sciences)

A new English-based program started in October 2011.

Scholarship, financial aid, and tuition waivers

Information about a variety of scholarships, financial aid, and tuition waivers

Some scholarship information is highlighted on the Office of International Exchange’s “What’s New” web page.

Daily life information

There are many opportunities to encounter difficulties in daily life in Japan which can be very different from one’s own home country. You can find information resources regarding life in Japan (legal forms, various paperwork procedures, medical, Japanese language programs, housing, daily life, visas, medical interpretation, etc.) on the support office’s web site.


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