2018/06/26 Others
This is the information on “the 31st JAPAN TENT” by the JAPAN TENT Steering Committee.
For the details, see the attached files and apply to the below.
For the students belonging to the Center for Japanese Language and Culture, please apply to the center.
*Please include “JAPAN TENT” and your student ID # in the title of your email.
* You have to submit Copy of medical exam certificate when your participation is officially determined.
Note:Check your schedule NOT to CANCEL before you apply.
【apply & inquiry】
International Student Affairs Division, Osaka University
【application deadline】June 29, 2018 (Fri)
大阪大学 Osaka University Potal 大阪大学人間科学研究科/人間科学部 OSAKA UNIVERSITY 30 大阪大学国際教育交流センター Support Office FUN! from JINKA